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YYears ago, I read an article that argued that the primary reason why the United States Army was so powerful was because no other military maintains equipment the way the American military does. That says a lot about the importance of keeping your equipment in good shape. Motorcycles are not like cars in that a failure on your car, such as a flat tire, is an inconvenience. A minor failure on a motorcycle could result in falling down.

Now, while we are firm believers in supporting your local motorcycle shop, nobody is going to provide the attention to detail and care for your motorcycle like you will. Additionally, there is no better way to become familiar with how your motorcycle functions than performing your own maintenance, further increasing the bond between motorcycle and rider. We've compiled some basic maintenance and upgrades to help you get started working on your own motorcycle. However, if you do not feel comfortable, or you are an impatient individual or struggle replacing the batteries in a smoke detector, you may be better off taking your bike to a qualified motorcycle technician.

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